Vintage Audio Restoration

With fifteen years experience, I specialize in vintage, solid state audio restoration. I perform work on all major brands from the "Golden Age" of audio with quality parts from factory authorized distributors. I hold nothing back on restorations using the best possible part for the job that it is assigned. I pride myself on a "Factory Presentation" in all of the work I perform.


I specialize in the restoration of amplifiers, preamplifiers, tuners, integrated amplifiers, and receivers. I only want to see your component one time. I find that a complete restoration is the best approach with all vintage equipment. Click the run-down link for details on the work you'll be receiving.

Giving an estimate without having the equipment to visually inspect can be difficult. However, I can possibly give a "Ball Park" estimate based on the item and symptom you describe. Previous sub-standard work done by an unprofessional can add to your estimate and increase the total cost. Actual estimates will be given prior to work performed.

Waiting Time

With a bit of help from a new technician, and the summer slowdown, wait times are down to a much more manageable level.

Approx. 90 days turnaround at present.

Please contact me for shipping information.

At this time we are accepting immediate ship-ins. This will likely change in the next few months, so get in while it is good!